Monday, August 19, 2013


New York City Skyline

Statue of Liberty
We are on the ferry en route to the island where she lives.

 I love that he loves me enough 
to act goofy once in awhile.

The points on her Crown symbolize the Seven Seas and Seven Continents. 

NYC Skyline taken from the Statue of Liberty

A graveyard in the centre 
of the Financial District.

The New World Trade Centre

9/11 Memorial 
This was the most beautiful memorial I have ever seen.

There are 2 Square Memorial Pools representing each of the towers. 
The Water is constantly flowing towards the center of the Memorials.

The Names of those who lost their lives are carved
 out of the metal that surrounds the Memorial Pools.

The mist that is constantly created sits on the metal 
and covers the names just like a blanket of tears.


Jo said...

some fabulous shots Diane!

Izzy said...

loving all the photos!

Kandice Keith said...

Awesome - thanks for sharing